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                                             ADHD EVALUATIONS


Are you concerned your child might have ADHD (Attention- Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder?

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting attention, the ability to sit still, and self- control.  For many children, these symptoms can lead to feelings of frustration and failure.  Having an accurate diagnosis is the first step toward gaining a better understanding, and receiving successful treatment.

Why choose Atascocita Counseling Associates for your evaluation?

Our location is a thorough, complete, and comprehensive way to get the help your child needs.  We know your child is more than just a set of symptoms or problems they are currently struggling with, and seeing the full picture is important.  We want to help make sure you find an accurate diagnosis, focus on ways to minimize weaknesses, and emphasize the strengths your child already possesses.  Our trained professionals are with you every step, from start to finish.

What does the evaluation process look like?  

  1. We begin with a free consultation (usually over the phone) to make sure that an evaluation is the right next step for your child. 
  2. Our evaluation uses a multidimensional approach.  We’ll target ADHD, but also screen for ODD, mood disorders, and learning issues to ensure an accurate diagnosis.  But we don’t stop there, to create a more complete understanding,  we will also explore your child’s strengths and achievements, and create a plan for a successful future.
  3. Our experts then create an in depth report that gets you answers quickly, usually within about a week.  This includes all assessment results, diagnosis (if appropriate), and recommendations for success.  This report will be presented in a personal follow up appointment to ensure you understand the results, and have time to ask questions.  
  4. Finally, we’re here to help moving forward in whichever way feels right for you.  The report is tailored to your child, and is an easy to read format to help at schools, with pediatricians, or therapists.  We also have several therapists in office to begin therapy specifically for assisting children with ADHD.        


                                    Still have additional questions or want to get started?

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